Getting Started

OwlPay API is designed as REST API to read and write data on the OwlPay platform, you can use OwlPay API to access OwlPay Feature to integrate with your system.


What you'll learn

  • How to get started on OwlPay API
  • How to complete payout(s) using OwlPay API

Platform features

OwlPay is a payment service that provides easy payout for the Company. We support multi-currency and multi-channel payout and collection. The company can use features such as

  • Manage orders
  • Reconcile orders
  • Review reconciliation orders
  • Make batch payouts

This guide will provide a quick overview of the platform's API features.


Product documentation

To see detailed product documentation of OwlPay, refer to Product documentation.

Working with the OwlPay API

There are 2 main steps to integrating OwlPay APIs:

  1. Get OwlPay API Key (Step 0)
  2. Access OwlPay APIs (Step 1 ~ Step 4)

Below is the overview of the integration flow:

OwlPay API Integration Flow

OwlPay API Integration Flow


The OwlPay APIs use the API key to authenticate requests. You can register API Keys on Developer > API Key.

After having the API Key, refer to the below steps to start OwlPay API integration.

Access OwlPay APIs

To complete payout(s) using OwlPay, you must follow below steps.

Next steps